Stop Dreaming Start Earning | definitive guide to copywriting success eBook

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If you must read any single book on copywriting in 2023, this is it!

Get this Definitive Guide into Proven Methods that Convert Sales!

·     Learn by applying step by step real-world use-cases of what works in copywriting.

·     This book can literally move you from zero sales to earning success within hours.

What you're getting:

You'll learn how to write an effective sales page, how to run a successful sale, creating content that converts and gets more sales, drives traffic to your product or service and in effect increases your earnings all in a few hours.

This book expands on every known topic in copywriting and sales success. You'll be taken through each topic with detailed and clear explanations.


· Why this book?

Copywriting is the world's most coveted skill. Everything around you is selling something to you. But very rarely do you hear or see this skill being discussed or prioritised. We want to change that because we believe you can drastically change your earnings from zero to earning millions by making changes to your sales copy and pitch.

Get to see some examples of where and how these are used in the real world. Without understanding the real world application, learning is incomplete.

This book takes a completely different approach to teaching this subject. it's communicated in basic everyday language, with highlighted texts in snippet squares, and an end of section summary for every new idea expanded.

This approach to teaching will not only keep you motivated throughout the book, but also help you retain the knowledge far better.

· Who is this book for?

Whether you are a beginner at writing, who's never heard about copywriting or sales pitch, or someone who knows all the concepts but finds it hard to implement in real projects, or anywhere in between, this book is for you. Even if you're here to just check this out, you will find out this is for you too. It is not your typical reference book.

It's a cover to cover Definitive Guide from a seasoned writer and communication expert with over 10years of experience in steering brands towards sales and marketing success.

· Is this book good for a beginner dipping their toes into the Copywriting profession?

Absolutely. The Author has been very deliberate with his approach to his teaching style. The Introduction is clear and well-expanded upon. It ushers you into the fundamentals of the topic from scratch, right to the very end with detailed steps and examples to help you fully grasp and understand what’s going on.

· What's the refund policy?

As with most digital publications of this nature, refunds are quite impractical to navigate. We apologize ahead for this.

· Can I share this book with my team?

This version is for individual use only. Although we encourage teams to benefit from this material, we advise you to reach us via email to discuss first. Simply click this link.


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Last updated May 28, 2023

A complete guide to perfecting your copywriting. It covers everything you need to truly change your fortunes around through your sales pitch.

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Stop Dreaming Start Earning | definitive guide to copywriting success eBook

2 ratings
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